Rod Building

JP Ross Beaver Meadow 5wt Build Gallery

A few months ago I picked up a JP Ross Beaver Meadow 5wt rod blank with prebuilt cork and reel seat. Since I am notoriously prone to take advantage of a deal, the great price made this my next fiberglass rod project. Upon returning to Texas over the Christmas holidays and to my "rod shop" (or at least to the cardboard box containing it) I was able to complete the build. I was pleased the rod blank had both a uniquely etched reel seat and quality built cork handle already given my limited time frame. I also want to thank Jordan P. Ross for making me decals with the Siren Flies logo. Its a great little touch that makes this rod especially mine. 

For my two cents, I would classify the rod as a faster glass...medium action rod, and it paired well for me with the Leland 5wt fly line. I am still deciding on a reel to balance it to my satisfaction. As is often the case with glass, a heavier reel is needed to balance the rod...perfect opportunity to track down a nice new vintage reel. Now all I need to do is get it on the water to break the mojo. Too bad the weather has been terrible here. Alas, it will change in time. Good luck on the water.