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Siren Debuts

I'm happy to announce several great things with this post. 

  • Siren Flies has been upgraded from just a blog site to a full website. For now the content is still a little slim and the old Siren Flies Blog will remain up, but I will not be adding new content there. 
  • Throw back Thursdays: I will be transferring most of the old content from the original siren flies site to this one with a new post of "classic" content each Thursday.
  • Relocation: Siren Flies and myself will be relocating for the summer to Sheridan, Wyoming as I begin a new job. As you might expect once the move begins I will probably be out of touch for about three weeks as of today. 
    • During this time I will not be doing the weekly Ebay listings. However, I want to thank everyone that purchased my flies. It was very helpful in getting me through the months until the new job began. 
    • It should be obvious that relocating is going to send me down and whole new path of fly tying as I actually get to target trout in "real" trout streams. You can anticipate a slew of new experiments in things like dry flies and big streamers. I'm probably going to throw big poppers at them to just to see if I can get a trout to each a foam fruit cocktail.
    • I don't know how far any of blogs have reached, but if you are in the Sheridan area please touch base with me on the Siren Flies Facebook page. I'd love to meet fellow tiers and fishermen in the area.

I look forward to creating more content and continuing to educate anyone willing to read my thoughts.