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Flies For Texas Bass and Sunfish

I was asked for a breakdown of Central Texas River flies by a friend. The flies listed here should cover rivers like the Llano, Medina, Guadalupe (non-trout season), San Antonio, Nueces, and Frio. While I will wager these flies will work on the other central Texas rivers such as the Colorado, the greater depths of some rivers may require weighting the flies more heavily then I usually do. Adjust to the waters you fish.

Top Water


Young’s Micro Popper (size 10 and 12)

Black ant with white legs (size 10 and 12)

Thunder Head Popper in fruit cocktail colors (size 2/0)

La ranita (variant) (size 10)

Foam Diver  (size 2)

Micro Foam Diver (size 10)



Secret Squirrel  (size 10 and 12)

Bully’s Bluegill spider (size 10 and 12)

Light weight Clouser minnow (size 8)

Low fat Minnow (size 8)

Bluegill Bee (size 12)

Craft Fur Baitfish (size 2/0)

Bottom fishing


Devil’s River Craw (size 8)

Squirrel Craw (size 8)

Lead eye Marabou minnow (size 10)

Lead eye Clouser (no photo) (size 8)