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So as you might image as a fish biologist I love catching new species .....as a fly fisherman I love catching large numbers and sizes of different species. Cutthroat trout are a new native novelty to me as a fly fisherman and so far had proved elusive or too small to be of note...for a fly fishing blog. So far the single cut throat I caught was about 2 inches long....I regularly throw poppers that could eat this fish.

However a recent visit to the North Tongue finally allowed me to find my trout fishing groove. The dry dropper system I based off of Fly Fish Food's Stone Flopper and an emerger pattern I am working on as well as a couple local fly shop recommendations (see the most recent instagram posts).

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Lake Placid in the Witching Hour

Got out yesterday evening for what will likely be my last Texas bass run for quite some time. Special thanks go out to Daniel of Cordova Custom Rods for getting me out. While the witching hour only led to one strike on a 2/0 popper...that I admittedly wasn't paying attention to and missed. The late night lights got us both into a couple chunky bass on glass rods. Daniel got one on his Epic 686 build (the dark blue/black blank).  A while, later I pulled another little chunky bass out of the same light on a small crayfish pattern on my own Blue Halo build.